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Creative energy

we seek em­ployees who in­vest cre­ative energy in their work and ap­pre­ciate free­dom in imple­ment­ing their pro­jects and dai­ly tasks.

inno­va­tive team

We em­ploy indi­vi­duals with entre­pre­neurial ac­umen and inno­va­tive ideas. This is of par­tic­ular im­por­tance as people and their net­works pri­marily de­ter­mine the mar­ket.

Meet Influencers

Working with us means have the opportunity to meet great influencer around the world.

Flexible Schedule

Why make money if you don't have time to enjoy it. We offer flexible schedule that allows our staff to grow.

We're hiring.

Open Positions

We're seeking a smart, capable, and creative individual who is a team player, but able to work independently. Must multitask effectively in a dynamic environment. Qualified candidates must have 2+ years experience in areas of office admin, bookkeeping, and human resource

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